Manufacturer of AVDS-1790-2CA V12 Diesel Engines for the M60 Tank

AVDS-1790-2CA Series V-12 Diesel Engines Part Number 5705074 NSN 2815-01-149-1313

NSN Lookup Inc provides certified remanufacturing facilities for the AVDS-1790-2CA Engine and Container in the USA under NATO CAGE 99V35. NSN Lookup maintains a significant stock of core engines, shipping containers and spare parts for the AVDS diesel engines enabling it to provide un-paralleled service to all End Users of this engine assy, nsn 2815011491353 for the M60 Main Battle Tank. Contact us for more information on our capabilities.

This NSN consists of the AVDS-1790-2CA Engine NSN 2815-01-149-1353 and a Shipping Container NSN 8145-00-856-8147

AVDS-1790-2CA Capabilities

AVDS-1790-2CA Dyno Testing

NSN Lookup maintains several Computerized Digital Dyno Test Cells for the AVDS-1790-2CA engine assembly. The primary test cells are water-brake test cells capable of testing up to 4000 LB-FT of Torque up to 6000 RPM. NSN Lookup also owns and operates portable test cells which are fully self-sufficient and containerized allowing calibration and test facilities to be deployed quickly anywhere in the world.

AVDS-1790-2CA Component Overhaul and Testing

NSN Lookup can provide component overhaul and re-certification for many parts of the AVDS-1790-2CA 2815011491313 nsn 2815 01 149 1313 engine. We can overhaul and re-certify many components including: Oil Pump (NSN 2815-01-433-9603, Part Number 12468945 and E8AR106-0160), Fuel Injectors (NSN 2910-01-037-4984 and 2910-01-509-7176, Part Number 10912452), Generator Clutch Drive (NSN 3020-00-398-6713, Part Number 11682722), Generator (NSN 2920-00-441-8137, Part Number 30B95-3-B and 30B95-3-C), Turbochargers (Model 5HDR and T18C01, NSN 2950-01-167-1700 and 2950-01-167-1699, Part Number 187727 and 466392-1), Starter Motors (NSN 2920-01-139-3722, Part Number 1990272), Flame Heaters (NSN 2815-00-117-9337, Part Number 10-187565-1), Camshafts (NSN 2815-00-679-8053 and 4810-00-052-8002, Part Number 655527 and 587180), Crankshafts (NSN 2815-01-233-9709, Part Number 12254249 and 12254238), Connecting Rods (NSN 2815-00-394-9702, Part Number 11683934), Cylinders (NSN 2815-00-150-7405 and 2815-00-213-0834 and 2815-00-213-0835 and 2815-00-213-0836 and 2815-00-213-0837, Part Number 10951304), Mechanical Timing Advance Unit (NSN 2815-01-053-3789, Part Number 12254217), Cooling Fan Drives, Cooling Fans (NSN 2930-00-679-5742, Part Number 554132) Fuel Injection Pump including full digital calibration and certification for service. NSN Lookup owns and operates custom designed CNC Machinery for the remanufacturing of many components. Our machining facility provides remanufacturing of the avds 1790 2ca cylinder heads in accordance with the NMWR-2915-220 with digital CNC precision using the latest automated air-gauge tapered bored technology. Uniquely NSN Lookup can remanufacture, re-balance and re-qualify avds 1790 2ca series cooling fan impellers.

AVDS-1790-2CA Fuel Injection Pump Overhaul and Calibration

NSN Lookup owns and operates a full production line for the overhaul and calibration of the AVDS-1790 PSB-12BT Fuel Injection Pumps, NSN NSN 2910-01-073-0124, Part Numbers 11684129-1 and KT8818, as produced by AMBAC (American Bosch). NSN Lookup maintains a full inventory of spare parts, upgrade kits and service kits. Each pump is digitally calibrated to the latest specification and provided to the customer with a computerized report of the pump's performance. This superior calibration provides the highest level of performance, reliability and service life for any AVDS-1790-2 series engine.

AVDS-1790-2CA Fuel Injector Nozzle Overhaul and Testing

The AVDS-1790-2CA Fuel Injection Nozzles, NSN 2910-01-037-4984 and 2910-01-509-7176 with part numbers 10912452, 10912452-2, 10912452-3, 10912452-4, KT-7854 and AKN212-S are fully supported by NSN Lookup. NSN Lookup can remanufacture these injectors and upgrade injection nozzles to the latest calibration. Each nozzle is tested and digitally calibrated over 50,000 injection cycles before being certified and preserved for long-term storage by the end user.

AVDS-1790-2CA Spare Parts

NSN Lookup maintains a large inventory of used, re-certified, re-manufactured as well as factory new spare parts for the AVDS-1790-2CA engine. Our inventory includes every component of this engine available for immediate shipment. Our specialized capabilities include new and remanufactured cylinder heads, new pistons (11683943), new piston rings (5704475,5704476,5704477,5704478,5704479), new and remanufactured camshafts, new and remanufactured connecting rods, new and remanufactured crankshafts as well as common service parts such as gasket kits, overhaul kits, upgrade kits, electrical components and cables, shrouds and panels, hardware and labelling.

AVDS-1790-2CA Services

AVDS-1790-2CA Maintenance, Repair and Remanufacturing Services

NSN Lookup provides Remanufactured AVDS-1790-2CA Engines from its facilities in the USA. Fully Certified with on-site Computerized Digital Dynamometer Testing. NSN Lookup also provides Repair Services, Upgrade Kits, Maintenance Kits and Maintenance Programs for End Users of the AVDS-1790-2CA Engines.

Service Kits

Carefully designed Service Kits which can applied at regular intervals to maximize the readiness and lifetime of the engine. Each Service Kit is complete with Pictorial Service Instructions and can be customized to the local language of the maintenance staff. The kits can include certified lubricants to ensure the maximum life of the engine and compliance with warranty conditions.

PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services)

Maintenance Programs and Training tailored to the End User. NSN Lookup provides programs to End Users for the preventative maintenance of the AVDS Series of Engines. The programs allow the End User to obtain maximum battle-readiness of equipment at a fixed cost while ensuring that any engine failure is covered by our comprehensive performance guarantee. This service can be delivered through training and software or by providing on-site technicians to perform the program.


Engine Remanufacturing to the US Army NMWR Standards. Every AVDS-1790-2CA engine, whether it is a core engine returned from the end user or a core engine from our inventory, is stripped down to individual components. Each component is inspected in accordance with NMWR-2815-220 and all mandatory replacement components are replaced before the engine is run-in and acceptance tested in our on-site or mobile Dyno facilities. The engines are precisely calibrated and qualified for battle-ready service, delivered in a fully preserved condition. This is a premium service which we perform for the US Army and many other NATO forces. NSN Lookup is recognized as one of the highest quality and highest volume remanufacturers of AVDS-1790-2CA Engines

Upgrade And Conversion

NSN Lookup's Engine Upgrade packages can be customized to meet an End User's needs. NSN Lookup can provide packages to upgrade the power of the AVDS-1790-2 series engines. NSN Lookup can provide Engine Reliability Upgrade Kits which utilize new technologies such as Common Rail Fuel Injection Kits, Modernized Turbocharger Kits, Cold Start Improvement Kits, Cold Weather Hot-Start Capabilities, Improved Heat Rejection Exhaust Kits to maximize power and reduce Engine Bay Cooling Requirements, Engine Protection Upgrade Kits as well as Conversion Kits to convert one model of AVDS-1790-2 series to another model for use in a different vehicle.